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Micky ScottBey Jones @ Evolving Faith

Evolving Faith is a gathering for wanderers, wonderers, and spiritual refugees to help you discover... You are not alone.

Features speakers include our own Micky Scott Bey Jones along with Jeff Chu, Dr. Chanequa Walker-Barnes, Amena Brown, Lisa Sharon Harper, and Jen Hatmaker.

For more info visit:

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10:00 AM10:00

Rev. Jennifer Bailey @ Princeton University Chapel

All are welcome to this interdenominational worship service in the University Chapel, led by the dean and the associate dean of religious life and the chapel, that draws students, faculty, staff, and townspeople together to hear God’s word, to sing God’s praise, to lift up the University in prayer.

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10:45 AM10:45

Rev. Jennifer Bailey and Lennon Flowers in conversation with Krista Tippett (Open to Public)

Gate pass required. Purchase at the Main Gate Welcome Center, (716) 357-6250

Lennon Flowers is hell-bent on creating spaces where humans can be human, out of a belief that nothing is done in isolation, and that self-help only works in community. Flowers is a co-founder of The People’s Supper, which uses shared meals to build trust and connection among people of different identities and perspectives.

Since Jan. 20, 2017, The People's Supper has powered more than 1,400 suppers across the country, with partners including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Righteous Persons Foundation, USC Center EDGE, the Mayor’s Office in Erie, Pennsylvania, the Obama Foundation, and more. 

Flowers also is the co-founder and executive director of The Dinner Party, a platform for grieving 20- and 30-somethings to find peer community, build lasting relationships, and engage with others to heal. To date, they’ve connected more than 6,000 peers to one another, and currently support more than 4,000 active members who gather bimonthly at more than 275 local tables in 95 cities and towns.

Flowers has written for CNN, Fast Company, YES!, Forbes, Open Democracy, and others. She is an Ashoka Fellow and an Aspen Ideas Scholar, and a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill.

Named one of 15 Faith Leaders to Watch by the Center for American Progress, the Rev. Jennifer Bailey is an ordained minister, public theologian, and national leader in the multi-faith movement for justice. She is the executive director of Faith Matters Network and co-founder of The People's Supper, a project that aims to repair the breach in our interpersonal relationships across political, ideological, and identity difference over shared meals.

Since Jan. 20, 2017, the People's Supper has hosted over 1,400 dinners in 121 communities across the United States. An Ashoka Fellow, Aspen Ideas Scholar, On Being Fellow, and Truman Scholar, Bailey earned degrees from Tufts University and Vanderbilt University Divinity School, where she was awarded the Wilbur F. Tillett Prize for accomplishments in the study of theology.

A sought after commentator and public speaker on the intersection of religion and public life, Bailey has spoken on the national and international stage at the inaugural Obama Foundation Summit, Makers, TEDxSkoll, and the White House. Her writing has appeared in

Salon, the Huffington Post, Sojourners, On Being, and the Washington Post’s Lily Blog, among others.

Bailey is ordained in the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Krista Tippett,
Host, “On Being”

Founder and CEO of The On Being Project, host of “On Being,” and curator of The Civil Conversations Project who, as Week Seven’s host and co-curator, will be leading daily conversations in the Amphitheater.

A journalist and former diplomat who had studied theology, Tippett saw a black hole where intelligent conversation about the religious, spiritual, and moral aspects of human life might be. She pitched and piloted her idea for a show for several years before launching “Speaking of Faith” — later “On Being” — as a weekly national public radio show in 2003. “On Being”  is now a pursuit of the ancient and enduring human questions that gave rise to our spiritual traditions and resonate through every institution anew in this century. The show is now heard on over 400 public radio stations and a successful podcast, is produced by On Being Studios, together with the On Being Blog, initiatives like the Poetry Radio Project and Public Theology Reimagined, and an expanding portfolio of new podcasts. Additionally, Tippett is the curator of The Civil Conversations Project, and founder of the independent, non-profit public life and media initiative The On Being Project.

Tippett is the author of Speaking of Faith; Einstein’s God; and Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living. She is at work on her next book, Letters to a Young Citizen. For her work, President Barack Obama awarded Tippett the National Humanities Medal in 2014.

Tippett is a graduate of Brown University and holds a Masters of Divinity from Yale University.

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to Jun 27

Rev. Jen Bailey @ United Religions Initiative's Accelerate Peace: Interfaith Action in Global Peacebuilding Gathering

  • Hoover Institution, Stanford University (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Accelerating Peace: Interfaith Action and Global Peacebuilding will bring together grassroots interfaith peacebuilders, policy experts, and religious leaders, as well as representatives from the United Nations and international and interfaith organizations to explore issues of promoting interfaith cooperation to end religiously motivated violence and build cultures of peace, justice and healing in communities and countries around the world.

Participants will develop a deeper understanding of interfaith efforts towards global peacebuilding and consider targeted action steps to be undertaken locally and globally.

To register and for more information:

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to Jun 20

Micky ScottBey Jones at The Theology and Peace Conference, 2019 Conference: “BELOVED COMMUNITY AS THE WAY FROM SCAPEGOATING TO UBUNTU”

  • American Baptist College (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Our annual conference is a meeting place for committed Christians, theologians, pastors, scholars, activists, authors, and others concerned with the creation of an effective theology in response to the violence, which structures our society, our culture, even our individual selves.

Theology & Peace is dedicated to the application of René Girard’s ground-breaking work in Mimetic Theory revealing the root of human violence.

For more info visit:

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to Jun 14

Rev. Jen Bailey @ The Sojourners Summit for Change


This diverse gathering creates an opportunity for building relationships and cross-sector collaboration. Through inspirational main-stage conversations, small group forums, and shared meals, The Summit provides a space for leaders to find connection to their peers and hope for the future.

Join Rev. Jen at 10:30am on 6/13 for Core Conversation 2: Bridge-Building in Polarizing Times
In such mistrustful and divided times, can the work of “bridge building” be done without perpetuating harm? We know shallow appeals to “unity” can often invalidate trauma and fail to account for the deep roots of polarization. Yes, as people of faith we are called to build and inhabit the Beloved Community outside and beyond our ideological barriers. A panel of practitioners from a variety of fields will offer practical insight for navigating this work.

For more info and to register:

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3:00 PM15:00

Rev. Jen Bailey Delivers the Baccalaureate Address at Elon University

Elon Commencement 2019 will feature changes to the program to better accommodate students and their families. Baccalaureate has been shifted to Thursday afternoon from its traditional time on Friday, and the undergraduate commencement ceremonies, which were traditionally held on Saturday, have been moved to Friday. The outdoor undergraduate commencement ceremony will begin at 8:45 a.m. on Scott Plaza in front of Alamance Building. The ceremony will also include a processional of students, the student speaker, a commencement address by Elon alumnus and award-winning photojournalist Al Drago ’15 and the president’s charge to graduates.

Following this outdoor ceremony, there will be two separate diploma-awarding ceremonies for the Class of 2019 held in Schar Center. Elon College, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the School of Education will award diplomas at the 11:30 a.m. ceremony. The Martha and Spencer Love School of Business and the School of Communications will award diplomas at the 3:30 p.m. ceremony. Each ceremony will last about two hours.

For more information about Elon’s Commencement week activities, visit, which will be updated throughout the spring as events and programs are finalized. 

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8:30 AM08:30

Micky Scott Bey Jones @ Narrative 4 TN Story Exchange Teacher Training

Join Narrative 4 for a Story Exchange Facilitator Training in Nashville, TN. This event provides space for teachers to learn more about empathy, the power of story, and how to use the N4 methodology to create positive change in their classrooms and schools.

Narrative 4 Master Practitioners will lead participants through four training modules:

  1. Expand your knowledge of Narrative 4 and the power of storytelling to create empathy

  2. Experience the story exchange

  3. Learn the dos and don'ts of good story exchange facilitation

  4. Identify ways to use the methodology in your school or community

Narrative 4's story exchange and "empathy into action" campaigns have been featured in New York Times MagazinePBS News HourBBC World NewsUpworthy, and most recently, CBS Evening News.

Participants will leave the training as Narrative 4 Facilitators and gain access to the N4 alumni network, facilitator toolkit, learning models, and support from N4 Master Practitioners and staff.

Please email to inquire about subsidized tickets. No educator will be turned away due to lack of funding.

For more information on Narrative 4 programs, please visit

Tickets Available at:

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to May 5

Rev. Jen Bailey @ The Science of Happiness Event, 1440 Multiveresity

What does it mean to live a happy, meaningful life? How do you respond with resilience to life’s unavoidable stresses and disappointments? How can you forge compassionate connections at a time of extreme busyness, isolation, and division? Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have explored these and other big questions in The Science of Happiness, the online course and podcast—both produced by UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center (GGSC)—that have become a global phenomenon.

Now the GGSC and 1440 Multiversity are partnering to take the next step in deepening The Science of Happiness experience: a 3-day gathering that will bring together a global community of individuals hungry for scientific insights, inspiring stories, and practical tips for well-being. The event provides an opportunity for The Science of Happiness students and listeners to connect with one another, but enrolling in the online course is by no means a prerequisite.

Together, we’ll hear from some of the leading lights in the science of happiness, including The Science of Happiness course co-instructors (and podcast host) Dacher Keltner, PhD, and Emiliana Simon-Thomas, PhD, along with best-selling author and world-renowned teacher Jack Kornfield, PhD, positive psychology pioneer Barbara Fredrickson, PhD, trailblazing neuroscientist Richard Davidson, PhD, and many others. A memorable mix of experts and teachers will offer powerful talks, interactive workshops, and illuminating conversations—all designed to help you use scientific findings for personal and social transformation.

To register and for more info:

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Are We Here to Heal? Listening Deeply to Community Calls for Support and Resilience
10:00 AM10:00

Are We Here to Heal? Listening Deeply to Community Calls for Support and Resilience

RSVP Today for Are We Here to Heal? Listening Deeply to Community Calls for Support and Resilience!

The leading social movements of the 21st century have birthed some of the most powerful and innovative organizing in recent history. They have also brought calls for healing and community-oriented care that can support people in their pursuit of collective dignity and liberation. One response has been the rapid growth of an emergent field - often described as "healing justice" or "transformational activism" - that is joining a long tradition of faith-rooted and faith-inspired organizing and activism rooted in practices of community resilience.

How do these old and new forms intersect? And how do we sustain and support the integrity of these overlapping fields in a time when "spirituality" is a multi-million dollar industry? The Nathan Cummings Foundation and Faith Matters Network have partnered to interview and map practitioners, old and emerging, to learn how funders and social movement leaders can be both resource and connect to practitioners and programs leading the way.

Join us to learn what we're learning, connect with other leading thinkers and practitioners in the field, and dream together about how we might grow this burgeoning movement and help generate the social transformation needed right now.


Why Now?

In this leader-ful movement time, organizers, activists and caring folks of all kinds and at all levels of experience struggle with models of sustainable leadership, compassion fatigue, and identifying or treating burnout. Many of those engaged in the struggle are marginalized people themselves dealing with the collective and individual trauma of intersecting oppressions. This trauma manifests itself tangibly in physical health disparities, mental health challenges and toxic relationships. The challenges faced at the individual level become compounded in movement spaces under the weight of social media overload, economic pressure, constant crisis, and the ever present threat of what education scholar Paul C. Gorski has termed “activist martyrdom syndrome”. The result is that leaders are increasingly susceptible to stress-related health problems and emergencies, career changing burnout and tragically, as in the story of Ohio Black Lives Matter activist, Marshawn McCarrel, suicide.

At the same time, the past decade has seen the proliferation of practitioners, programs, and organizations working within the realms of healing justice, engaged activism, resilient leadership, and faith-rooted organizing. Examples include the Healing Justice Track at the annual Allied Media Conference, Generative Somatics, the Liberatory Leadership Project, Mystic Soul Project, and Queer and Transgender Therapist of Color Network among many others. While there are many intersections within this emergent “as yet to be named” field, it’s leaders and participants are often unaware of each other, or even, at times, in direct competition for funds and people.  And even as many of these projects attempt to solve the crisis of isolation and fatigue in our movements, there is often an emphasis on modalities of self-care over collective solutions resulting in an further inequity based on financial access while putting the burden on the individual to “fix themselves”.

There is a growing call for reinforcement and a fair distribution of resources to bolster the leaders and communities driving this emerging discipline forward. At Faith Matters Network, we see this as an important time to join together with funders and partners to listen deeply and consider how we can collectively support this vibrant and uneven landscape towards freedom and dignity for all people.

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7:00 PM19:00

Comic Books & Contemplatives

Comic Books & Contemplatives is a one-night interactive collaborative exploration of real and imagined heroes, creating brave spaces, contemplative practices that stir the imagination and grow resilience - all in the pursuit of creating a more just world. The Liturgists will be joined by special guest, Micky ScottBey Jones - The Justice Doula for an evening that includes music, conversation, contemplative practice, dreams (of Wakanda of course!), snacks (yes!)...and maybe even dancing! All are welcome - especially those in need of new visions for justice, the future and spirituality.

Tickets available at the door or in advance $15. Proceeds go to the work of bridging and healing through The People's Supper.

The Liturgists:

Micky ScottBey Jones: and

Contact The Loft LA for questions about parking or accessibility:

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1:00 PM13:00

Flip the Script: Faithful Futures

Faithful Futures is a 3-hour workshop for Christian high school students who want their lives, and their faith, to “make a difference” but aren’t sure how as they consider next steps in the journey after graduation. Together, we will explore the concept of vocation and help students identify areas of call that are speaking to their hearts right now. Students will leave with a prophetic purpose statement and an asset map of conversations partners and organizations in their life that can help them explore these their calling in greater depth.

This event is co-sponsored by the Center for Leadership Development (CLD) of North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church. The Center for Leadership Development is called to develop principled Christian leaders by helping clergy and laity embrace God’s call to LIVE as disciples, LEAD congregations effectively and DEVELOP missional fruitfulness.

Register here:


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9:00 AM09:00

Flip the Script: Discerning Your Prophetic Purpose

  • Owenwood United Methodist Church (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Flip the Script: Discerning Your Prophetic Purpose is a weekend retreat for Christian young adults who want their lives, and their faith, to “make a difference” but aren’t sure how. Together, we use practices of prophetic storytelling, inspired by community organizing, to explore questions of purpose and calling. Attendees will walk away with greater clarity about their own purpose and motivation, their gifts and sources of hope, and how their “story” fits into God’s story.

This retreat is for you if you're:
A young adult, ages 18-30
Inspired by the Christian faith (whether self-identified “Christian” or not)
Passionate about justice and making a difference
Thoughtful and open to learning
Interested in being a leader

This event is co-sponsored by the Center for Leadership Development (CLD) of North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church. The Center for Leadership Development is called to develop principled Christian leaders by helping clergy and laity embrace God’s call to LIVE as disciples, LEAD congregations effectively and DEVELOP missional fruitfulness.

Register here:

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Self Care in Color: A Virtual Retreat for Black Women and Femmes
to Oct 22

Self Care in Color: A Virtual Retreat for Black Women and Femmes

Check out Micky's  talk on faith and self care at the Self Care in Color Virtual Retreat! 

In a world that tries daily to deny us of our humanity, we will spend a week reaffirming it. We each were born worthy of love, respect, care, time, and attention. Nothing that has happened to you, nothing that you have done, nothing you have survived in between your birth and today has diminished your worth. It cannot be taken from you or changed.

Self-Care In Color is a week-long online event created for Black women and femmes to learn about what self-care is and how it can be used to help us thrive. This is a safe and brave space for Black women and femmes to support each other, love each other, and learn from each other what it means to thrive. Our goal is not mere survival - we will reclaim our health and our joy.

Black women and femmes carry the emotional load for our community. We are the rock. We are the linchpin that holds everything together. And far too many of us are suffering. We give, we sacrifice, we create, we build, we work, and we do it all without asking for anything in return. That stops now. Our goal is to increase the health and wellness of our community and to give our sisters a place where it is safe to focus on our wants and needs. The Self-Care In Color Virtual Retreat will give us time every day to focus on what we need so that we can thrive instead of simply surviving.

The Virtual Retreat will take place right here from October 16 - 22. Each morning at 8am Eastern Time a new video presentation will go live. These presentations will focus on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health of Black women and femmes. AND IT IS TOTALLY FREE.

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Radical Beauty: Living in the Tension of Healing and Social Change
to Oct 12

Radical Beauty: Living in the Tension of Healing and Social Change

  • Montreat Institute for Christian Leadership (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Do you believe beauty could be a resource for creating change in communities? A source of healing for hurting souls? A way of engaging in a more productive conversation? We do.

Radical Beauty is for people who believe there’s a better way to engage in dialogue across all sorts of differences, who believe that art can build community and cross divides.

Radical Beauty will use a cyclical model of engagement to explore how we can use art to create and cultivate beauty. Each cycle will begin with an artistic experience – a concert, a film viewing, a poetry reading – followed by a facilitated conversation about how that experience, and others like it, can build community. Our own Micky ScottBey Jones will serve as lead facilitator for the event! 

Register here:

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