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Rooted in Resilience Community Conversation: Emerging Roles

Join us for our second Rooted in Resilience Community Conversation on Tuesday, June 25th at 1pm CT/2pm ET. This month, we will be discussing the emergence of new roles at the intersection of social justice, healing, and spirituality.  Register here!

Recognizing that frontline movements cannot afford to create or allow for unhealthy internal dynamics and environments if the want win real justice, practitioners around the country are creating and reimagining roles that provide organizers and activists with emotional and spiritual support. 

About Rooted in Resilience Community Conversations:
Rooted in Resilience Community Conversations are an experiment in open and transparent communication for folks seeking to learn more about the emerging ecosystem of work at the intersection of social justice, healing, and spiritual practice. 

Community Conversations are a way for us to forge relationships, share ideas, learn about what others are doing, and break out of feelings of isolation.