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Responding Faithfully in the Trump Era: Racial Justice

In light of the most recent presidential election, some faith communities have struggled to find the tools to amplify their voices about the most pressing issues facing our nation. Over the first 100 days of the new Presidential administration, Faith Matters Network, in partnership with the Scarritt Bennett Center and Vanderbilt Divinity School, will be hosting a series of critical public theology retreats geared toward empowering clergy and laypeople to speak out about three of the most contentious political issues in our public life: racial justice, immigration, and climate change.  

Using storytelling and art, dream-mapping, and strategic planning, this series hopes to add depth and hold creative space for people of faith to engage in justice issues and organizing from their faith contexts.


These weekend-long events attempt to address the following questions:

  • What is the connection between faith and political organizing?

  • How can storytelling be a powerful tool for mobilizing your faith community to engage potentially polarizing political issues?

  • What are the unique struggles and points of tension related to speaking out about challenging justice issues as people of faith, especially if you hold a position of leadership in your house of worship?

  • Where are there opportunities for creative engagement, and what are the possibilities for next steps in your context?


This might be for you if...

  • You identify as a person of faith

  • Are passionate about justice and making a difference

  • Are thoughtful and open to learning

  • Feel moved to speak out about one of the retreat topics, but aren’t sure how

  • Are willing to take the risk to be vulnerable by sharing your story with others