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Tufts University MLK Symposium "Where Do We Go from Here? Chaos or Community?"

Keynote – “Building Beloved Community in the Trump Era”

Ours is a nation divided. Violence and harassment are on the rise. Those espousing hate, once on the fringe, have been afforded a stage. Millions of Americans find their rights to exist freely now in limbo. Millions more believe themselves unheard. The 2016 election exposed a rupture at the heart of our democracy. In the aftermath of one of the most divisive election cycles in recent memory the question, first posed by Dr. Martin Luther King in 1967 seems is relevant than ever, “Where Do We Go from Here? Chaos or Community”. This talk will explore strategies that will help us heal the divide by leaning into the wisdom traditions and lessons of 20th century American social movements. It is only through an acknowledgement of our past, attention to the unique circumstances of our present reality, and a creative moral vision for our future that we can chart a path forward toward the beloved community Dr. King envisioned. 


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