We offer a number of skills-based trainings on faith-rooted storytelling for social change. 

Storytelling is the mode in which most faith traditions form their practitioners spiritually and ethically, and it is primarily through stories that these traditions articulate their visions of a more just world. Stories are also the language in which people of faith speak from their hearts, and bear witness to the transformative power of relationship to others, human and divine, in their own lives. Stories are far more likely to speak to the hearts of others, change minds, and inspire action than facts.

While we customize our trainings to fit the needs of our audience, our basic menu of trainings include:

  • Faith-Rooted Storytelling for Social Change
  • Theology Out Loud: Story-Based Strategies that Mobilize Collective Action
  • Storytelling as Discernment and Witness
  • Testify! Reclaiming Narratives of Liberation

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