Below is a sampling of themes we can address with your group.



  • Faith as Fuel for Social Change

  • Creating Brave Spaces

  • Composting Religion: Social Justice, Spiritual Innovation, and America’s Changing Religious Landscape

  • Creating Brave Space: The Work of Personal Healing and Social Transformation in Movements

  • Ancient Wisdom, Modern Leadership: Intercultural Leadership Styles & Lessons

  • Movement Chaplaincy: Providing Care and Spiritual Accompaniment in Social Justice Movements


  • Brave Space and Conversations on Human Sexuality

  • Bridging Divides: Lessons from the People’s Supper

  • Building Empathy Through Storytelling

  • Embodied Resilience: Healing through Theater and Movement

  • Enneagram for the People

  • Equipping White Christians to Resist White Supremacy

  • Speaking the Truth in Color: Divesting from Whiteness

  • Spiritual Accompaniment 101

  • Revolutionary Wellness: Developing a Personal Self-care Plan


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