The Daring Compassion Movement Chaplaincy training focuses on the basic skills and knowledge central for the role of Movement Chaplain — those who offer spiritual, emotional and relational support to people engaged in social justice movements. Upon completing this course, participants will be trained to fill a valuable role of providing spiritual and emotional care in social justice movements. This program contains three consecutive 4 week courses totaling 12 weeks. A certificate of completion will be awarded to all who complete all three courses and meet all requirements of program participation. 



What’s in this training?

  • The origins and foundations of Movement Chaplaincy: including chaplaincy, social justice movements,  movement chaplaincy.

  • Identity, self-care in community, and personal spiritual practices that are foundational to your practice of movement chaplaincy.

  • Practices for de-escalation and mediation in movement settings

  • Competency in multi-faith pastoral and spiritual care skills and knowledge.

  • Responding to stress, burnout and trauma in movement communities.

  • Discovering, developing and practicing healing and restorative techniques

  • Explore examples of movement chaplaincy in action. 

  • Develop your vision serving as a movement chaplain in your context.

How does it work?

This training is delivered online, with new content (videos, discussion questions, resources, etc) shared by instructors every Tuesday for twelve weeks (with breaks between each session). Each week, new content is available for learners to work through as it fits into their schedules. Daring Compassion is appropriate for community organizers, activists, chaplains, clergy, lay leaders, seminary and social work students, faith leaders and healers, and is co-instructed by Micky ScottBey Jones and Hilary Allen of Faith Matters Network. This course equals 5 CEU credit or 50 working hours and is adaptable for academic course credit*

NOTE: This is NOT a self-paced course. This is NOT a live-instructed course. New content is delivered every week on the platform. Learners go through the content on their own and must pace themselves to work through the material. Learners  interact with instructors and other students in the Slack chatroom, through assignments and the monthly BONUS online reflection session. You will walk with you every step of the way to help you work through content and engage in community. 

BONUS: We will have monthly 1-hour Daring Compassion Reflection Sessions online (using Zoom) for face-to-face time with instructors and other learners! It’s reflection circle meets study hall meets resource sharing meets encouragement as we co-create this community of movement chaplains from all over and many contexts!

Find out more about course curriculum and features here.

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We are excited to be hosting the  Daring Compassion Movement Chaplaincy Training with The School of Global Citizenry. The School of Global Citizenry is an independent online learning environment founded in 2019 by tumbuh. Tumbuh is a member in good standing with the Association of Leaders in Lifelong Learning for Ministry (formerly SACEM); affiliated with the Religious Education Association. SGC offers CEU-approved courses and certificates that meet IACET standards for religious, civic, and social work professionals.  


Healing Circle at a Mijente-led direct action in San Diego, CA (July 2018).

Healing Circle at a Mijente-led direct action in San Diego, CA (July 2018).

Why the term “Movement Chaplain”?

Committed to integrating healing and justice into social change work, we have designed a training with a clear commitments to liberation, care and life for all through the centering of those most impacted by oppression. We use chaplain as a “shorthand”, understandable term for those who focus on spiritual, emotional, relational and physical care and movement chaplain to those who provide that care in settings that are particularly focused on social justice movements for change.

We recognize that chaplain is a particularly religious and most often Christian associated term that now includes spiritual and emotional care and accompaniment  by people of all/no faith. We acknowledge that we (the instructors) have been educated in Christian contexts. We also have advisers and collaborators of various religious traditions and affiliations as part of our commitment to developing a curriculum that is useful to people of all faiths and no particular faith.

So, if you use a different word or phrase to describe your work, we think that’s great - you can still do the training and use whatever name for yourself that most deeply resonates with yourself and your community!

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What does this training cost?




A note about Course Fees and our commitment to Solidarity across class and income level: 

In an effort to live out solidarity with those most impacted by unequal economic realities of our world, we ask learners to pay according to their means and abilities. Pay full tuition if you are able through income and/or savings, if you receive funding from your employer, have access to educational funds or community support. If you are low income, working class, a student with limited resources, or otherwise financially strained, please email Instructor Hilary to receive information about reduced tuition ($125). Unfortunately the deadline to apply for a full scholarship has passed.

Sowing seeds of abundance: Donate to Faith Matters Network to fund the tuition of another student! Donate here and indicate that you’d like it to go to a Daring Compassion Movement Chaplaincy Training scholarship. Full tuition is $225 and you can give any amount!



Note of Appreciation: Special thanks to curriculum team members Lauren Plummer, Margaret Ernst, graphic designer Heather Abbott, curriculum advisor Anna Lively, FMN Fellow Anna Del Castillo, and our collaborators at the Rooted in Resilience project

*This training does not complete the requirements to become a board certified Chaplain and does not count towards Clinical Pastoral Education requirements unless you make additional arrangements with your school or certifying body. Daring Compassion is not affiliated with ACPE or APPC.