Living at the Intersection of Spirituality, Social Justice, Identity and History

Our Story

Coming out of the How We Gather retreats, Marsha Foster Boyd (co-principal curator and facilitator), Marcia Lee (co-principal curator and facilitator), and Jennifer Bailey were invited by the How We Gather team to curate retreats for people of color involved in spiritual leadership and social action to create a more just and compassionate world.  We have a vision of a process that allows us to strengthen the ties of spirituality and social justice in our lives and community by deepening in relationship with the Creator, self, and others.  We recognize that our society has rotten roots of capitalism, racism, militarism and other oppressive systems, that our ancestors have survived and thrived in violent times before us, and now is our time to come together to create the world that we know is possible.  From our experiences, history, and dreaming was born the idea of How We Deepen.  

Our Vision

How We Deepen is an experiment to deepen spiritual connection and activism in communities of color, by bringing together a group of prophets, spiritual warriors/activists, and sages, rooted in a diversity of spiritual practices, space, and identities, to rejuvenate, reflect, cross-pollinate, and grow together.  We will share our spiritual practice and praxis in retreat, conduct co-mentorship calls between retreats, and create resource generation for our communities. We believe that this process of deepening will lead to individual and collective transformation for the benefit of us all.

A people of color space is important because it allows us to:

  1. Normalize people of color experiences, by recognizing people of color as wisdom teachers and guides as central and not ‘in addition’ to or ‘less than’ white people’s experience.

  2. Create a brave space by curating a people of color only retreats that create the possibility of facing the oppressive systems and structures that are deeply embedded within ourselves and our own cultures without needing to ‘take care of’ or ‘band together’ for white people.

  3. Center and learn from the deep wisdom of our own cultures, histories, and spirituality. Often, in our society, white people (consciously or unconsciously) see people of color spirituality and bodies as ‘exoctic,’ ‘other,’ ‘minority,’ or ‘scary.’  As a people of color only space, we will have a greater possibility of centering and learning from our own traditions and experiences.

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Participants of color at the 2017 Formation Gathering sponsored by the how we gather team.

Participants of color at the 2017 Formation Gathering sponsored by the how we gather team.

Support How We Deepen

We invite you to pray, send love, make a donation, or donate miles to How We Deepen.  What we are attempting to do is create a space for people of color to deepen in our spiritual journeys, grow our communal resiliency, and dismantle systems of oppression with fierce love.  We will do so across the intersection of our identities (race, gender, class, sexuality, spirituality, location, age, abilities, etc.).  Our hope is that through the cross pollination of people who are already deeply embedded in their faith and in social justice work in their communities, we can imagine something new into existence that is rooted in the wisdom of our ancestors and our traditions.


Wisdom Circle

We do not have all of the answers nor all of the questions. Our wisdom circle is a group of spiritual practitioners and guides who we have inviting to help into the creation process.   This foundational work feels like the crux of the work. We want our vision to be grounded in the depth of spiritual traditions and activism of people of color communities across the United States.

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