Through our Discernment Circles we train young leaders with skills to cultivate their own stories and surface those narratives that are most important in shaping their future.


A growing body of literature shows that today’s emerging adults are entering adulthood with a strong desire to live according to their values and “make a difference,” but without a clear sense of how to translate those values into a defined career or life path. Millennials, research shows, are uniquely concerned that their work lives provide purpose as well as income. Whether for lack of personal clarity or readymade opportunity, however, many lack a sense of direction. We are a generation with a sense of vocation--who don’t yet know what it is!

We believe, practices of finding and sharing personal stories may have unique potential for engaging Millennials in vocational discernment and building the community of accountability that deep discernment depends upon. 


Upcoming Events

Flip the Script: Discerning Your Prophetic Purpose, November 12-13, 2016, Nashville, Tennessee 




Organizational Partner


The Discernment Circles program is made possible through a generous grant from the Forum for Theological Exploration.