About Daring Compassion

The Daring Compassion Movement Chaplaincy Project is aimed at advancing the emerging vocational role of Movement Chaplain. Movement Chaplains offer accompaniment — spiritual, emotional, relational and practical wholistic care — to those in social change events, organizations, and movements.

While justice movements have become increasingly receptive in recent years to spiritual technologies, individuals need more spiritual support to thrive and attend to the needs of the communities they serve. Our movements lack a cadre of trained and accountable spiritual care practitioners. Daring Compassion offers the training, networks, and structures of accountability Movement Chaplains need to be purposeful, resilient spiritual practitioners.

This project is made possible with support from the Nathan Cummings Foundation and Trinity Wall Street Church.



Daring Compassion Movement Chaplaincy Training

The Daring Compassion Movement Chaplaincy training focuses on the basic skills and knowledge central for the role of Movement Chaplain — those who offer spiritual, emotional and relational support to people engaged in social justice movements. Upon completing this course, participants will be trained to fill a valuable role of providing spiritual and emotional care in social justice movements. This program contains three 4-week courses totaling 12 weeks. A certificate of completion will be awarded to all who complete all three courses and meet all requirements of program participation. 





Case Paper: The Role of Movement Chaplaincy in Social Change

Movement Chaplaincy is the work of spiritual accompaniment to social justice movements and their leaders. Just as there are chaplains who attend to the spiritual needs of people in hospitals, colleges, corporate environments and other settings, there is a need for those who can fill this role within our movements for social change.

This paper articulates the vision of the Daring Compassion Movement Chaplaincy Project. It defines the need for spiritual accompaniment within movements for social change, as well as the role, capacities, and practices of movement chaplains.

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Movement Chaplaincy Resource Portal

Over the past several years, FMN has created and compiled movement chaplaincy resources from kindred organizations.

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Our Movement Chaplaincy Timeline

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Networking Movement Chaplains

We are always looking to learn more. Are you a Movement Chaplain? Have a story to share about the way spiritual caregiving is showing up in your movement work?

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