Why Healing Justice Matters 


In Order to Get Free We All Must Heal...

Justice - Healing Justice -  means creating a world where we are all able to live as full human beings. We are allowed to be more than parts in the capitalist machine. We are allowed to be more than stressed out activists, more than downtrodden marginalized people. We are worthy of a full range of emotion, pleasure, fun, creativity, physical health, relationships, rest and healing - even in the midst of fighting for a fair wage or prison abolition. Healing, like Heaven isn’t a far off concept that we only experience when we die. With all the hell on Earth, it is a moral and theological statement to cultivate healing in many forms (beauty, joy, love, restoration, etc) as an integral part of bending the arc of the universe toward justice. To reach our potential to live, love & give to others and to creatively live in community is central to our freedom and liberation.

In the pursuit of Healing Justice, we ask ourselves these questions:

  • As people who are marginalized, how do we show up to the work of justice as our whole selves?

  • How do we care for each other and ourselves in a way that honors individual and community needs?

  • How do we opt out of self-care that feeds the capitalistic individualistic pampering machine and instead opt-in to a communal self-care that allows us to be both a giver and receiver of care?

  • What are our legacies of communal care, healing and wellness from the deep wells of our faith traditions, ancestors and the earth that we can access for individual and justice movement fortification and sustainability?


Our vision for Healing Justice is a new but ancestral-influenced self-care model that includes inreach (communal self-care) and outreach (creating beloved community).

  • In-reach - Hush Harbors

    • Called the Hush Harbors Initiative (Hush Harbors were where enslaved people would gather in secret to practice religious traditions in antebellum America), women of both faith and public service come together to explore communal care practices that can fuel the work in their communities. This lay-leader, sister-circle model provides a “brave space” for Black women to share their lives through story-based truth-telling group time. The circle opens to all women in the community through the second component of the Hush Harbor Initiative’s Embodied Resilience Seminars - practice spaces of movement and creative tools to develop the self-recovery tools available through art, movement and exploratory experiences. Having received great demand from women around the country to scale the initiative, Faith Matters Network is working toward an online training in January 2017, with an expansion plan of creating Hush Harbors initiatives in ten Southern cities over the next two years. The Hush Harbors Initiative is largely influenced by  Sisters of the Yam: Black Women and Self-Recovery by bell hooks and the work of other feminist, womanist and liberationist scholars, theologians and mental health professionals.

    • Brown Girls Burlesque classes and cohort for women.


  • Outreach - Movement chaplaincy

    • As a birth and postpartum doula, Micky supported women and their families in the process of birthing their bundles of love into the world through emotional, informational, spiritual, and physical support. She now envisions herself as a justice doula supporting others to bring more love, shalom and justice into the world through the same avenues of support. Our movements for justice need fortification and support in order to move through the process of birthing more justice into the world. Through conversation and collaboration with the Faith Matters Network team and others, Micky began dreaming about an emerging movement chaplaincy vocation. This program is an avenue of healing justice that contributes to beloved community by equipping people of faith to show up in social justice movement spaces and bridge with faith communities by utilizing the best skills, tools, practices and knowledge from our deep wells of faith, elder wisdom and community assets.