Healing body, mind and spirit redeems us, no matter where we are in our life-lost or found. When we choose to heal, when we choose to love, we are choosing liberation. This is where authentic activism begins.

-bell hooks


At Faith Matters Network, Justice - Healing Justice -  means creating a world where we are all able to live as full human beings. We are allowed to be more than parts in the capitalist machine. We are allowed to be more than stressed out activists, more than downtrodden marginalized people. We are worthy of a full range of emotion, pleasure, fun, creativity, physical health, relationships, rest and healing - even in the midst of fighting for a fair wage or prison abolition. Healing, like Heaven isn’t a far off concept that we only experience when we die. With all the hell on Earth, it is a moral and theological statement to cultivate healing in many forms (beauty, joy, love, restoration, etc) as an integral part of bending the arc of the universe toward justice. To reach our potential to live, love & give to others and to creatively live in community is central to our freedom and liberation.



Hush Harbors Initiative

The vision of the Hush Harbors Initiative is to build upon the best in storytelling, contemplative practice, and the arts  to cultivate an environment in which black women faith leaders, activists, and organizers learn and practice tools to sustain themselves in their collective work toward liberation.


Movement Chaplaincy 

21st century social movements are calling for spaces of wholeness and wellness to sustain their work for social change. In collaboration with national partners, we are exploring the defining of a new field: movement chaplaincy.  Learn more about our exciting work in this emerging field. 


Meet Micky

Micky ScottBey Jones is Director of Healing Justice Initiatives at the Faith Matters Network. She is  a womanist contemplative activist, healer, nonviolent direct action organizer and consultant who facilitates conferences, workshops, pilgrimages, and online conversations.