What Is Movement Chaplaincy? 

Movement chaplaincy is the work of spiritual accompaniment in social justice movement events and organizing. Spiritual accompaniment includes spiritual, emotional, relational and practical wholistic care of those involved in the organizing and activism necessary for systemic social change. Through a focus on the spiritual, emotional, social and physical needs of the individuals and groups at protests, engaged in civic, community and social change organizations and creating parallel institutions, Movement Chaplains use social-emotional tools, spiritual practices and texts and at times physical comfort (lending a hand or a shoulder) to include healing and care as a part of creating a more just world. Movement Chaplains have an understanding of movement culture, history and are attuned to the personal, the stressful, the painful, and the celebratory needs and moments of our justice movements and provide support, guidance, clarity and care for organizers, activists, leaders, and concerned citizens who are participating in the struggle of building a more just world.


Movement Chaplaincy is a particular stream of healing justice that contributes to the creation and resilience of beloved community by equipping self-identified people of faith (or spirituality) to show up in social justice movement spaces with an attention to the spiritual, emotional and relational needs of individuals and community by utilizing the best skills, tools, practices and knowledge from our deep wells of faith, cultures, elder wisdom and community assets.